2016 Mazda Miata is Very Similar to the 2015 Porsche Boxster, According to this Infographic

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Photo: MazdaPartsUSA
Miata vs. Boxster
The Miata craze around the world started a long time ago but it's not going to end very soon and for a good reason, as Mazda's new MX-5 roadster was met with positive reviews from the press.
However, have you ever thought of comparing the new MX-5 with a Porsche Boxster?

Neither did we, but someone thought a side-by-side comparison (from horsepower and curb weight to 0-60 times and MSRP) between the two pleasure-infusing roadsters would reveal some interesting details.

But first, let's see what those who created the infographic have to say about their idea:

"In my opinion, a 2016 Miata offers about 90% of the performance of a new 2015 Porsche Boxster at less than 50% of the cost," said Frank Mitchell, parts manager of

On that note, let's find out what made him say that.

First of all, the new Miata has a smaller 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine than the Boxster's 2.7-liter flat six. However, the MX-5 only trails the Boxster by 0.3 seconds in a race from 0-60 mph (96 km/h).

Secondly, Miata's horsepower to weight ratio is considerably higher than the Boxster (14.9:1 vs. 10.9:1). Despite that, Mazda's hot roadster manages to run the quarter mile in 14.6 seconds, only 0.6 seconds slower than the Porsche Boxster.

Lastly, there's the price tag issue. The 2016 Miata's $24,915 base price is less than half the cost of the 2015 Boxster's base MSRP of $52,395.

"Obviously, there's a lot to love about a brand new Porsche Boxster," explains Mitchell, "but considering you can get 90-95% of the Boxter's performance in the 2016 Miata at less than half the price...let's just say I know where I'd spend my money."

What would you choose? The Miata or the Boxster?
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