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2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Makes Appearance in CARB Papers

Indian is working on at least another model, as California Air Resources Board (CARB) papers reveal. The Polaris-owned iconic motorcycle manufacturer has tested a model which is referred to as Chief Dark Horse, and this is a very good hint telling us about what we might get to see at Sturgis this summer.
2013 Indian Chief Dark Horse 5 photos
2013 Indian Chief Dark Horse2013 Indian Chief Dark Horse2013 Indian Chief Dark Horse2013 Indian Chief Dark Horse
Apparently Indian is gradually bringing back all the models in the past years, even though they are no longer (that) comparable with the new machines. The upcoming Chief Dark Horse is powered by the same Thunder Stroke 111 1,821cc air-cooled v-twin, the all-new power plant which brings the current Chief line-up to life. Therefore, we’re most likely going to see the Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, Chieftain and the newer Roadmaster complemented by a slightly lighter, stripped down machine.

CARB also says that the weight of the Chief Dark Horse is 1,036 lb (469 kg), which is around 22 lb (10 kg) less than what the scales read for the basic version of the Chief Classic. This figure is the “equivalent inertial mass”, which means an estimated weight of the bike, and must not be mistaken for the actual dry or wet figures on the final spec sheet.

Even so, the smaller weight means that Indian is planning to deliver a Dark Horse with looks similar to the 2010-2013 models, with less unnecessary bulk and a slightly nimbler feel. Judging by the similar emissions test results, the engine is the same with the one I the 2014 and 2015 models.

More rumors and teasing are definitely going to hit us in the following months, and we can even hope that spies will be able to infiltrate Indian’s so far impenetrable wall of secrecy and surface photos ahead of the Sturgis rally. What’s even nicer is the fact that Indian is rumored to have filed a trademark application for a certain “Indian Springfield” name, a bike which is still veiled in complete mystery, according to

The Dark Horse pictured is the 2013 model year.


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