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2016 Honda Pilot Receives a 280 HP V6 and New Intelligent Traction Management System

Honda decided it was high time they released more info on the 2016 Pilot SUV so the Japanese officials published additional details concerning the boxy model.
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We're assuming you didn't forget the 2016 Honda Pilot and its debut at the Chicago Auto Show. In case you did, Honda wants to make sure you snap out of this amnesia episode with a batch of new info on their SUV.

For starters, the car received a V6 coming straight from Honda's Earth Dreams laboratories. The 3.5-liter unit promises 280 HP and a maximum torque of 260 lb-ft (353 Nm) and can teamed-up with either a six-speed auto gearbox ar Honda's new optional nine-speed transmission.

If we look at the previous generation, power goes up by 30 HP and 7 lb-ft (9 Nm), but customers will most likely want to know more about fuel economy. But that's a detail Honda omitted to address in their press release, so we'll just do without for now.

It is only natural that with that power bump in mind, you'll want to have a proper all-wheel drive system managing things when the road surface becomes the enemy.

In that respect, Honda came up with a new Intelligent Traction Management System. However, the feature is not limited to all-wheel drive versions. For example, the front-wheel drive model gets the same ITM system but only with a Snow mode, whereas the four-wheel drive variant is spoiled with two additional features: Mud and Sand.

The technology is similar to that employed by Land Rover, Jeep or Ford, but it will no doubt make some family men happy as we all know what a Honda Pilot was designed for in the first place.

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