2016 Ford Focus RS Hits the Ski Slope in Lithuania, Goes Winter Drifting

After we put the 2016 Ford Focus RS through its paces in our review and we saw the manic hatchback engaging in all sorts of shenanigans, the time has come for the fast Ford to showcase its winter car abilities.
2016 Ford Focus RS Hits the Ski Slope 5 photos
2016 Ford Focus RS Hits the Ski Slope2016 Ford Focus RS Hits the Ski Slope2016 Ford Focus RS Hits the Ski Slope2016 Ford Focus RS Hits the Ski Slope
One of the best parts of the Mk III Focus RS is that, unlike, say, a Mustang, which can only be used in winter conditions with serious efforts from the driver, the compact has no problem with snow and ice being thrown at it.

And what better way to demonstrate this if not unleashing the RS on a ski slope? The hot hatch recently went slippery climbing in Lithuania, with the machine being put to work on the Druskininkai Snow Arena.

One of the most generous indoor ski slopes in the world, the Snow Arena offered enough room for the uber-Focus the stretch its mechanical legs. As you can expect, no such stunt would be complete without some drifting, which is exactly what happened during the episode we have here.

Truth be told, the slip angles, as well as the velocity itself, could've been even more spectacular, but given the sheer appeal of the idea, we won't complain.

Speaking of which, as we discovered during the time we spent inside the Recaros of the Focus RS, the tail-happy nature of the car's all-wheel-drive does have its limitations. At times, you feel like the electronics kick in (even when disengaged), limiting the otherwise humongous sideways potential of the thing.

You can check out the 2016 Ford Focus RS snowy uphill (and downhill, for that matter) adventure in the piece of footage below.

Nevertheless, with the cold season having now taken over plenty of locations across the globe, we feel the need to ask you not to give in to any potential urges of pulling such stunts in traffic. Heck, some people didn't even need slippery surfaces to ruin their Focus RS toys.

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