2016 Ducati XDiavel Is the EICMA 2015 Best-Looking Bike

2016 Ducati XDiavel 1 photo
Photo: Ducati
No less than 11,369 of the 628,000+ visitors at EICMA 2015 took their time to vote for the best-looking bike in the show. Now that I learned that the "beauty queen" title went to Ducati XDiavel, a broad smile appears on my face, as the result confirms my expectations.
The voters who believed that the XDiavel was the best-looking machine this year at EICMA were categorical. From all those who voted, 60.78% indicated Ducati's all-new powercruiser as the main aesthetic attraction of the show for the 73rd edition of the EICMA.

This accounts for 6,910 people who voted for it. Still, there is much room for improvement as far as the number of voters goes, it's true. I can only hope that more people will be involved in this decision process in the future, adding more weight to this informal title (at an industry level) and making this "award" count more in the economy of the brand that gets it.

As a side note, the XDiavel was voted the best-looking bike at EICMA 2015 both at the show and on the Motociclismo website that took part in the whole voting process.

The XDiavel is a first step Ducati takes in the world of cruisers

Some say that the XDiavel isn't exactly the first cruiser Ducati manufactured, and the old Indiana is probably the first bike that comes to mind.

Still, there is no way we can compare the two motorcycles, at any level. In fact, the XDiavel represents the pinnacle of Ducati's technological prowess and design endeavors, summing the best features from multiple directions.

On one hand, it is clearly a member of the Diavel family, with lines that are impossible to mistake for anything else, just like a true Ducati bike should have.

On the other hand, there is so much Ducati technology crammed into the XDiavel that it sometimes seems overkill. Still, as the XDiavel product manager Mr. Stefano Tarabusi told me in an exclusive interview, the amount of high technology is only there to make the bike more enjoyable and maneuverable.

I rode the original Diavel and at times it felt like having to struggle to keep things under control when riding hard. Apparently, it is no longer the case with the XDiavel, as its creators focused on making it as rider-friendly as possible and more suitable for both daily use/commuting and longer trips.

The base version will arrive in Europe in February 2016 with a price tag reading around €20,390, whereas the XDiavel S will come with a €23,390 price, give or take.
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