2016 BMW G11 7 Series Will Get Leather Engine Cover, Things Are Getting Out of Hand

BMW 740d Engine Cover 1 photo
Photo: Catalin Garmacea
The 2016 BMW G11 7 Series will bring a lot of new tech to the market, understandably so. After all, this is the car that should show us the technologies that will be found on other models in the future. However, apart from incredible engine output numbers and efficiency scores, the flagship has to bring a lot of luxury with it too.
So far we learned that inside the cabin we’ll find four sculpted seats, a brand new infotainment system with touchscreens, augmented reality for the driver and a new sound system courtesy of Bowers and Wilkins that will replace the Harman Kardon setup we have now. But what else can we expect?

Since the car will be based on the Vision Future Luxury Concept, we could see some CFRP being used inside the cabin or around it while Organic LEDs could decorate the interior (and exterior to some extent).

That’s not all though. According to our sources in Munich, the new 7 Series will get an optional feature known as ‘3CM’. Searching for it in the BMW system you’ll see that it stands for ‘Leather Engine Cover’. That’s right, if you want to, your car’s engine cover can feature leather instead of plastic.

To me that sounds like a waste, to be perfectly honest, but who knows, some people might want it since BMW decided it should be offered as an option. After all, if there was no demand, they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of making it, would they?

What other reasons could there be? To look fancy with the bonnet lifted? Who cares? I’m guessing none of the owners of the future 7 Series will ever lift the hood and if they do, they’ll probably not care at all about what material meets their touch or field of view. Furthermore, let’s say that one like to work on his car and that he owns a 7er. Will he actually be so superficial as to order this thing? Probably not.

However, it’s not the first time BMW offers such amenities. On the i8, for example, there’s a plastic cover that conceals what’s in the trunk and also finishes off the engine compartment. That’s for the standard models. If you go for the Pure Impulse World option however (which costs in excess of $10,000), it’s made of leather. Could this have been the inspiration for this move?
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