2016 BMW G11 7 Series Spotted Wearing Panoramic Sunroof

When it comes to 7 Series models, BMW usually makes every possible optional feature available for them. When a new one is released, every bit of new tech available at the moment is infused in it, to make sure the ‘flagship’ nickname isn’t used in vain.
BMW G11 7 Series with Panoramic Sunroof 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
However, even so, the 7er is missing out on a couple of interesting features its rivals are offering, as we speak. In our most recent spy video of the upcoming G11 model, we caught wind of a new detail that shows just how much thought the Germans are putting in the making of the new limousine.

While watching it testing on the Nurburgring, we noticed that the prototype in the images has a panoramic sunroof installed. That would be a great improvement for the model that was never offered with such an optional feature, in six different generations.

At the moment, all you can get is a generic, ‘normal’ sunroof that only covers the front seats. As you can clearly see here, the new model seems to sport a much bigger one that extends over the rear seats as well.

That’s just one of the new things that will come with the G11 platform. The upcoming 7 Series is rumored to be using laser headlights, Organic LEDs for the taillights and detailing inside the cabin, a new interior that will dictate how future models will look like and a CFRP and aluminum construction that will drastically reduce weight.

All of them have been previewed by the Vision Future Luxury concept that was unveiled earlier this year. However, the big question remains whether we’ll be seeing the first 2-liter 4-cylinder engine used in the new model or not. And will BMW keep the 6-liter V12 alive?

The 2-liter could find its way on the 7er but combined with an electric motor to give you a replacement hybrid model for the ActiveHybrid7 that is currently on sale and not too successful. Even though the F15 X5 is already using a 4-cylinder, marking yet another premiere, chances are that the flagship won’t undergo the same treatment.

As for the V12, it could be kept alive only for the select few that still want it. The sales of the 760i and 760Li models is limited enough so that it won’t affect the CO2 average posted by BMW, therefore keeping fines from the European Union at bay.

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