2016 BMW G11 7 Series Spied in M Sport Guise, Production Ready

2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport 9 photos
2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport2016 BMW G11 7 Series M Sport
As we’re patiently waiting for the 2016 BMW G11 7 Series to be unveiled (some people will get to see it today) the Germans are pressing on with the tests. Our latest batch of spyshots featuring the flagship model seems to be portraying it in M Sport guise.

That’s because the front bumper seems to be sporting some wider air intakes to the sides, decorated with small LED strips that could also act as DRL. Of course, BMW’s are now known for their Corona rings, that on the new 7 Series seem to have a different design.

However, their main purpose of serving as daytime running lights will be kept on so the LEDs seen on the bumper of this 7er could be fog lights. No matter, though, other details also give away the M character of this car.

For example, the wheels that resemble the ones used on the F10 M5 have a design that surely wants to inspire a sporty attitude and aggressive stance. To top everything off, the tailpipes are also looking like they are out of the ordinary.

No matter what though, BMW has been adamant that an M7 model won’t be released. Our best chance to get a better performing 7 Series model seems to be an M Performance model then, one that would be slightly tuned by the Motorsport division but would not be a full-bore model.

Think of the M135i or the M235i, cars that have been praised by journalists around the world, us included. It’s not that they offer mind-bending performance but rather because of their pricing that makes them a more than interesting proposition.

Don’t think that such an M770i model would be cheap though. If the current line-up is any indication, it would probably be the most expensive car in the 7 Series range, topping the 760Li model that’s the current leader in this top.

That’s a long shot anyway and as enticing as it sounds to have a BMW 7 Series with a 4.4-liter V8 biturbo layout with 560 HP or more it may never become reality.


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