2016 BMW 7 Series Parking Itself Using the Key Fob Is Mesmerizing – Video

BMW Display Key Fob 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
 As you probably already know by now, the 2016 BMW G11 7 Series will bring about around 25 premieres for the BMW brand and 13 industry premieres to the world. From laser lights to carbon fiber construction and gesture control, the new flagship should be quite an interesting offer.
One of the most exciting features you’ll be able to get is the self-parking feature that is done remotely, using the innovative key fob the car are being shipped with. Using the same technology as on the concept shown in the i8, the new key fob will have a display on it that presents various info about the car.

If on the plug-in hybrid sports car it was used to reveal the range in EV mode or how long it will take for the battery to be fully charged, on the 7 Series it will have additional functions. One of them will be to allow you to park your car using the Remote Parking function.

This will basically get your 7 Series inside a parking spot that is too narrow to allow you to get out. It will also come in handy for people that have a garage which doesn't typically hold two cars, for example, but could accommodate them if you didn’t need to open the doors.

Of course, the number of ways in which you could use this tech is pretty impressive as well. While some hurried to dismiss it as useless, we thought of another couple of ways in which it could be useful instead.

It could come in handy for people with back problems for example. Normally, when parking inside a busy lot, you don’t have enough space available to get the door wide open but rather one or maximum two clicks. Well, for some people that’s not nearly enough and they could use this tech to ease their pain.

Another interesting instance where this could come in handy would be with child seats. As you probably know, child seats are hard to get in and out of a car and they usually need the doors to be wide open so that you can have enough room to take care of your child. With this, fathers and mother of young ones could just get their kids out and then park the car with ease if they were on their own.

We’ll stop here with the examples and you’re more than welcome to chip in with your own but until then, let’s see this new tech in action.

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