2016 Acura NSX Rendered as Le Mans Racecar Turned Street-Legal Type R

Now that the Detroit Motor Show has brought us the 2016 Acura NSX, it’s time to look into the model’s future and talk about a potential ultra-spicy model. Something like a Type R.
2016 Acura NSX Type R rendering 1 photo
Given the current package, we don’t expect Honda engineers to rush into the development of an even meaner version, but we should eventually see this brought to life. Since the standard car already packs north of 550 hp from a twin-turbo V6 and three electric motors, we’re expecting the Type R to go a little deeper than a simple sharpening up job for the all-wheel drive supercar.

As fans know, Honda is currently working to develop a GTE racing version of the NSX, which will flex its muscles at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, possibly starting from this year. While the details on the prototype are scare (to say the least), converting this back to a street-legal car once the motorsport development is complete seems like a good path.

Such a process would allow Honda to come up with a NSX that’s truly a step ahead of the standard model, if we can call the superb supercar we met in Detroit “standard”.

The automaker has pulled similar moves in the past, with the NSX-R GT being an example as good as any.

Back in the day, Honda came up with the NSX-R GT limited edition for the already-spiced-up second-generation NSX-R. Its birth was dictated by the Super GT homologation rules and while the five units may not mean all that much, their roof-mounted air scoop will not be forgotten.

Until we at least get to see what the NSX will bring to the racetrack, we’re bringing you the adjacent rendering. While this may not be the most accurate (think cooling all over the place), digital artist Khyzyl Saleem has done a wonderful job at injecting even more attitude into the 2016 NSX.


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