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2015 Yamaha FJ-09 / TDM Makes Appearance, More Info at the EICMA

Yamaha has finished working on the new crossover machine they will introduce in early November at the EICMA, and someone uploaded the photos in a public section of their press website. While they’ve since been taken down, but you know how the Internet works… So they’re all over the wire.
2015 Yamaha FJ-09 6 photos
2015 Yamaha FJ-092015 Yamaha FJ-092015 Yamaha FJ-092015 Yamaha FJ-092015 Yamaha FJ-09
Now, the new all-rounder bears the FJ-09 badge on its fairing, obviously as a name for the US market. However, the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 brings looks which are similar to those of the TDM, and this makes us believe that Iwata will continue the family… even though with a bit of a name change.MT-09 platform goes adventure-ish
As we supposed earlier, this bike uses the MT-09 platform, with its frame and engine, complemented by different parts to add the needed adventure-ready DNA. For starters we can say that the FJ-09 looks much more compact then the model it was derived from, with the classic V-shape between the lines of the radiator and the tail section, respectively.

The suspensions are definitely taller and sport a longer travel, while in the rear, there’s plenty of room between the wheel and the subframe, allowing the swingarm to travel more. As a result, the ground clearance will also be improved. Still, as the bike is equipped with cast lightweight wheels, its off-road capabilities will be rather limited.

While this might be seen as a downside, it looks like the compliant all-rounder character of the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 will prevail. This means a bike which can do exceedingly well on the highway, while being a great performer on rougher roads and in the city, too.

The riding position is upright and looks very comfy. In the city it provides very good knee control, while offering great support for longer hauls and when riding on less-than-perfect roads. The fuel tank section definitely looks bigger than what the MT-09 showed, and the larger fuel quantity it can accommodate should also increase the range. More photos on nieuwsmotor.Triple power
On the engine side, the 2015 FJ-09 appears to be powered by the same power unit in the MT-09. This means an 847cc displacement for the 3-cylinder engine, with a peak power of 115 hp and 85 Nm (63 lb-ft) of torque. At the moment it is uncertain whether the bike will have a re-geared transmission, even though this might be a smart move helping the FJ-09 comply more with the requirements of sport-touring adv-ish riding.

Yamaha could do well and prepare a set of optional wire wheels, as the bike looks ready to tackle off-road sections. Adding a bash plate and a pannier system would be a great complement for the hand protectors and windscreen, and could transform this TDM heir into a really awesome bike. We’ll bring you more live photos and news from EICMA in early November.

Again, it’s nice to see it doesn’t have a beak!


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