2015 Toyota Camry Tested: It’s a Definite Step Up

We didn’t have exceedingly high hopes when we set out to test the 2015 Toyota Camry considering the reputation this car has already. However, by the end of our journey with it, we had to go our separate ways with a rather confusing feeling in our hearts and in our brains.
2015 Toyota Camry 1 photo
Photo: Jeffrey Ross
You see, the heart wants to pump blood at high rates. It wants to have adrenalin in it at all times if possible but all that high blood pressure is not really good for you on the long run. Cars with prancing horses on them or raging bulls will give you those feelings but they might also damage your health in more than one way.

Then the brain kicks in and logic tells you that the Camry, no matter which version you go for, will do exactly what a car is supposed to while also being reliable, comfortable and cheap enough so that you don’t have to sell a kidney to buy one.

That’s the winning side in the US at the moment, where the Camry is the best selling car and has been for the last 12 years or so. Yes, it’s that popular.

Despite being associated with household appliances in the past, the new model boldly goes where no other has gone before in the Camry line-up. It has a decent, good looking body that shows even some Lexus cues and an interior that is comfortable and big enough for most people and their families.

On the road, you can sense that Toyota tried to change the way the car drives. The suspension was left untouched, as the Japanese didn’t want to intrude where there was no need to but the brakes and the steering were improved and therefore changed the character of the car almost completely.

The Camry now as an excellent on-center feel and better responsiveness thanks to a wider track. The ride quality is impressive as well and, even with the bigger wheels, the suspension just absorbs bumps with ease, leaving your kidneys all in place.

The one place that could use some improvements is the powertrain combo. While other manufacturers focus on using smaller units with all sorts of new technologies to make their cars as efficient as possible, Toyota decided to stick to its guns and that isn’t necessarily a bad or a good thing. You can see more in our full review.
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