2015 Saleen 302 Mustang Comes in 3 Flavors, Reaches 640 HP

Until we find out if Saleen has decided to include the Corvette in its customization play, we’ll have to stick to its usual Mustang business and we’re happy to report that, after much talk, the 2015 S302 is officially here.
2015 Saleen 302 Mustang 1 photo
Getting to the point, we’ll mention the top supercharged incarnation bring the S302 close to the Shelby GT500’s level of muscle, delivering 640 hp from the 5-liter V8. The blower is accompanied by intercoolers and a cold air intake system, with the all-important peak torque sitting at 565 lb-ft (765).

But wait, we must first mention the... Whiskey-inspired 2015 line-up. The aforementioned tech setup is found on the Yellow and Black Label , while there’s also a naturally-aspirated version called White Label. As for the differences between the supercharged versions, we’ll mention the Black Label brings two kinds of extra goodies. On one hand we have the spicier tech stuff, such as the functional induction hood and the extra cooling for the brakes, while on the other hand the cabin is gifted with Alcantara and other amenities.

The NA Saleen ‘Stang sees the five-oh V8 gifted with high-performance fuel injectors, a high-flow air filter and a sports exhaust, with a new ECU map obviously handling everything. The power increase isn’t too important, since the mods bring the Mustang from 435 to 450 ponnies.

In the handling department, things are kept in check by hardware such as a custom suspension and a limited slip differential.

The design stays within Saleen’s line of tastefully restrained modifications, ranging from the custom body parts offered on the Black Label to the 20-inch custom rims.

Since Saleen is a special vehicle manufacturer rather than a tuner, you’ll get the usual Saleen VIN number, which you can get your hands on after placing a $2,015 deposit - yep, somebody over in the marketing department did a little trolling here.


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