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2015 Opel Astra K Gets Wellness Seats With Massage Function and Ventilation

Over the course of two generations (in automotive years), the compact hatchback segment stepped up its game in terms of creature comfort and available features. With the newest-gen Opel Astra, the German C-segment hatchback boasts with an interesting optional feature referred to as the “wellness seats.”
2015 Opel Astra K wellness seats 5 photos
2015 Opel Astra K wellness seats2015 Opel Astra K wellness seats2015 Opel Astra K wellness seats2015 Opel Astra K
Don’t be put off by the name though because the 2015 Opel Astra K’s wellness seats have something going on for them. Priced from €390, the optional seats promise only one thing: protecting the driver and passengers’ backs from getting sore.

“Seating is among the most important elements in a vehicle as it delivers safety, comfort, and design.” declared Charlie Klein, vice president of vehicle engineering at Opel. Truth be told, in-vehicle ergonomics is more than just adding thick bolsters and fancy seat countering. As many people complain - modern car seats are getting firmer and firmer for unfathomable reasons, yet Opel AG decided not to run with the pack on this occasion.

“We want to really speed up the democratization of good seats – more Opel models with AGR seats will follow,” adds Andrew Leuchtmann, senior manager at GME Interiors. The Astra K’s wellness seats are heralded as back-friendly and, based on our time seated in the outgoing Astra, that's doesn't seem to be an overstatement. There’s an AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) certification there for bragging rights, but that AGR certification is also a testament of these seats’ back-friendliness.

The front wellness seats come with 18-way adjustment (side bolsters included), massage and memory function, as well as ventilation. Yeah, that’s a unique combo in this segment. For the passengers seated in the rear, the 2015 Opel Astra makes do only with a heating functions, but still, don’t forget that this is the compact hatchback segment we’re talking about and a €390 option.

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