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2015 Nissan Leaf Gets Three Times Cheaper During Black Friday in Northern Colorado

If you were to buy a Nissan Leaf now, its stock price would range between $28,980 and $35,020 depending on the configuration you opt for. Thanks to the government’s incentives and a special offer created for Black Friday, EV fans in Colorado can get one for as much as a third of the price.
Nissan Leaf is the most popular EV in the world 1 photo
Whoever said Black Friday is only for geeks who believe a smartphone is not losing its value three months after they bought it should know the international holiday of consumerism sometimes has a meaning. Or perhaps it doesn’t, but considering cars are slowly turning into gadgets more than they use to be automobiles nowadays, one may as well embrace the opportunities that come with it.

The program only lasts for about a month starting today and going through the whole month of December, but that’s a lot more than Black Friday regularly lasts for. Those who are considering switching to electric should know the 2015 Nissan Leaf will be available for a little more than $10,000, which means people in Northern Colorado save up to $21,000 off the sticker price.

According to Green Car Congress, the program is offered in partnership with Tynan’s Nissan and Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC). Tynan’s Nissan will take $9,007 off the EV’s retail price. Coupled with a total of $13,500 in refundable electric vehicle tax credits - $6,000 through Colorado’s EV tax credit and $7,500 through the federal tax credit - buyers can expect quite the offer.

If purchasing the world’s most popular EV is not enough to pique your interest, perhaps the fact that customers who take advantage of this offer will also receive 24 months of free EV charging through EVGo’s “No-Charge to Charge” will. It should be noted that the network is made of 1,111 charging stations within the region. Moreover, Tynan’s Nissan will also provide its customers with six free days of an internal combustion engine vehicle rental for longer road trips, so the transition is not too shocking.


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