2015 McLaren 650S Spider Google Glass Test Drive

“Hello, my name is dot dot dot, I’m the guy who drives the blue Aventador.” Wouldn’t you like to be that guy? Fortunately, thanks to the magic of Google Glass, you actually can and it just happens the eight minutes of footage captured show the most exclusive McLaren of the moment.
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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
With just about 12 units arriving in the United States, the brand-spanking-new 2015 McLaren 650S is probably rarer than the P1. This is the evolution of the MP4-12C, or 12C, project, offering slightly more power and a number of cool upgrades. As of this Friday, it’s actually a replacement for the 12C, since due to high customer demand McLaren decided it needed to change its priorities.

But you already know all about the the 650S and what it can do. So let’s focus on Allen’s cool review shot with Google Glass from the perspective of an Aventador and Murcielago owner of 5 years. According to him, this might be a bit of an engineering marvel. Performance is basically the same to 60 and over the quarter mile. But the price is much smaller. A well specced Lambo V12 is around $430,000 while this one was only $340,000 (base MSRP $280,000).

Fuel economy is also much better due to the McLaren having a smaller 3.8-liter engine (12 mpg combined in the Aventador versus 24 in this). The twin-clutch gearbox makes shifting easier, which is another notch on the “everyday supercar” belt for the British car.

In the end, it’s all going to come down to preference, right? So tell us which is your favorite taking money, looks and the engines into account in the comments section below.

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