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2015 Lancia Ypsilon Puts its Anniversary Clothes On for the Geneva Motor Show

Lancia Ypsilon 30th Anniversary 3 photos
Lancia Ypsilon 30th AnniversaryLancia Ypsilon 30th Anniversary
When Autobianchi presented the media with the Y10 at the 1985 edition of the Geneva Motor Show, the “designer city car” term was coined. The quirky Italian urban dweller morphed into the Lancia Ypsilon, a model which is still with us 30 years later.

As the more informed petrolhead might know, Fiat-Chrysler’s Lancia marque is troubled as almost on the brink of shutting all operations down. Due to the fact the Delta was phased out of production and the badge-engineered Voyager isn’t a hot seller in Europe, Lancia’s lifeline is the Ypsilon. That’s it! One model!

I don’t know what Sergio Marchionne will do to resurrect the dying Italian marque, especially when all efforts are poured into Alfa Romeo’s Tipo 952 sedan, but the future doesn’t appear to be bright for Lancia. Still, Lancia won’t go out without a bang, even though the bang we’re referring to is a limited-run Ypsilon.

Officially dubbed the 2015 Lancia Ypsilon 30th Anniversary, it’s redundant to explain what this bugger celebrates. To be utterly frank, I think that the people who manage Lancia don’t quite understand what an anniversary model should boast with. Some celebratory badges and the blue paint aren’t special enough.

But there’s something even more aggravating than the lack of specialness of this model. As incredible as it may sound, the 2015 Lancia Ypsilon 30th Anniversary can be had with a 0.9-liter naturally aspirated two-pot TwinAir which packs 69 PS or 67 horsepower. It's reassuring to know more potent mills are available.

For goodness sake, even a Moulinex kitchen mixer is more powerful than that nowadays...

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