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2015 Jeep Cherokee HD Wallpapers: a Bit of a Modern Classic

We recently got together with a 2015 Jeep Cherokee for a complete menu of adventure and we have something to tell all those who criticize the bold styling of the car’s front fascia. The way we see it, Jeep already has a somewhat classic badge with the Cherokee. So when they brought it back on the market, instead of turning to the retro design, they chose a fresh approach, one that can loosely be labeled as a modern classic. Only our elderly selves (and our kids) will know for sure. Say what? No, we didn’t know the lady walking the dog.
Jeep Cherokee and lady walking the dog 1 photo

We have to start by explaining no bird was hurt in the making of this image. We simply observed them. Just like we did with the car. The most interesting thing we noticed about the Cherokee’s front fascia is that it can have many... faces. For certain people, the upper light clusters makes it look like a Nissan Juke on steroids. For us, the actual headlights have a bit of a sinister look, which is why we found this aviary setup appropriate.

You can choose between three all-wheel-drive setups when configuring a Cherokee and our tested was equipped with the mid-level one. This Jeep shares its platform with the Dodge Dart, so don’t expect to plow through rugged terrain carelessly, as you can in a Grand Cherokee. Still, the Cherokee will get you out of trouble and is easily the most potent car in its class when it comes to offroading.

The car-like feeling means that, even when navigating your way through a construction site, as we did here, the vehicle is agile. So we didn’t hit any cones. Or at least this is what we hope.

After seeing this pic, we were pleased by how well this Jeep blended it with the excavator in the background. We didn’t have our blue collars with us though, so instead of helping with the work, we headed onto the road for a different section of the review, but we didn't rush to find a carwash.

Driving around on tarmac with obvious signs of offroading action is just one of the visual treats that await you in the Full HD photo gallery of our 2015 Cherokee review. Oh, and it’s also a Jeep thing.


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