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2015 GMC Yukon Bursts into Flames During Test Drive

Scheduled to arrive in US dealerships this spring, the 2015 Yukon is GMC’s latest contender in the large SUV segment. It has V8 power under the hood, plenty of luxury in the cabin and... not so many miles per gallon.
2015 GMC Yukon fire 1 photo
Not that the latter really matters to luxury SUV buyers... However, until it reaches showrooms and starts displaying its $46,335+ sticker, the 2015 Yukon got itself in a heated situation in Anaheim this weekend.

Specifically, a white 2015 Yukon caught fire while on a test drive on Sunday. According to the Los Angeles Times, the vehicle erupted into flames as the driver parked it on a residential street. Fortunately, no one was injured and the firefighters extinguished the fire within minutes.

“We’re very lucky that no one got hurt, and it was in an area that ... was safe,” the police said. “If there was any place that was going to be safe, it would be this area. It’s very open. It worked out for us.”

Authorities have started an investigation and said that the vehicle apparently “had some oil leak or some fluid leaking”. Whatever the causes, we do hope that the 2015 GMC Yukon won’t become the subject of yet another GM recall.

The Detroit-based automaker is aware of the fire and will start its own investigation on the matter.

Story via LATimes


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