2015 Corvette Z06 Races Challenger Hellcat, Viper and Corvette ZR1: Stock Drag Strip Challenge

2015 Corvette Z06 Races Challenger Hellcat, Viper and Corvette ZR1 11 photos
Photo: Malcolm Perez Photography
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People considering the Golden Age lies in the past has always been one of the greatest issues of the performance automobile world, but the Detroit Big Three have been hard at work to change all that. Nowadays, we live in a world populated with slabs of America such as the 2015 Corvette Z06, 2015 Challenger Hellcat and the Dodge Viper.
We’ve been showing you all sorts of more or less legal race videos featuring these modern-day automotive superheroes over the last month or so. Still, Complaining about the accuracy of the highway rolling races is legit, so we are now here to give you a story that takes this to the next level, as the cars have recently met on the drag strip.

This was as private event where the guys whose cars were featured in the aforementioned videos, as well as other enthusiasts got together to see what their machines are capable of when manhandled in the same conditions.

As one of the racers mentions on his blog, the action took place on Lonestar Motorsports Park in Sealy Texas, the drag strip that serves as Hennessey’s playground.

These were not two-car races but solitary runs, as the aficionados aimed to focus on the cold, hard figures. The turnout wasn’t exactly bad, since both the GM and Mopar guys managed to set new national records.

The list of stock vehicles involved included the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (a Stage 1 and a pair of Z07s), the 2014 Viper TA (two cars), a 2014 Viper SRT (standard, non-GTS) and a 2015 Challenger Hellcat. Since everybody kept asking questions about a comparo between the Z06 and the C6 ZR1, an example of the latter was also invited. All these machines were bone stock, running just-as-stock street tires.

The ‘Vette guys couldn’t help themselves and also showed up with a pair of Z06s that were stock, but wore drag radials (a Stage 1 aero and a Z07 package).

Afters quite some burned rubber, here are the results:

Quickest ET List (street tires)

1. 11.65 @ 131.04 mph (2.16 60′) – Viper TA “Nine Ball”
2. 11.68 @ 131.27 mph (2.18 60′) – Viper TA “Sassy”
3. 11.76 @ 127.91 mph (2.18 60′) – C6 ZR1 “Mark B”
4. 11.77 @ 127.05 mph (2.06 60′) – C7 Z06 “robe38″
5. 11.87 @ 127.95 mph (2.38 60′) – C7 Z06 “cdubb”
6. 12.04 @ 134.65 mph (2.37 60′) – Viper SRT “Shooter”
7. 12.11 @ 126.30 mph (2.17 60′) – Challenger Hellcat “Jerrod T”
8. DNF – Traction Issues – C7Z06 “zhopper05″

Fastest Trap Speed List (street tires)

1. 134.65 (12.04 ET 2.37 60′) – Viper SRT “Shooter” – Also ran 132.24 – Gen 5 Viper record!
2. 131.27 (11.68 ET 2.18 60′) – Viper TA “Sassy” – Also ran 129.91
3. 131.04 (11.65 ET 2.16 60′) – Viper TA “Nine Ball” – Also ran 129.98
4. 129.20 (12.04 ET 2.59 60′) – C7 Z06 “cdubb” – Also ran 127.95
5. 127.91 (11.76 ET, 2.18 60′) – C6 ZR1 “Mark B” – Also ran 127.80
6. 127.05 (11.77 ET, 2.06 60′) – C7 Z06 “robe38″ – Also ran 126.37
7. 126.90 (12.39 ET, 2.40 60′) – Challenger Hellcat “Jerrod T” – Also ran 126.69

Quickest ET and Fastest Speed List (drag radials)

1. 10.93 @ 128.94 (1.77 60′) – C7 Z06 “robe38″ – 1st privately owned 10-second C7 Z06!
2. 11.16 @ 128.31 (1.93 60′) – C7 Z06 “lethal z06″

We’re already feeling the aroma of melted rubber just by looking at these results and we’ve attached some pics coming from Malcom Perez in order to augment the experience.
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