2015 BMW M3 First Drive

As usual, when BMW launches a new M3, its own previous success comes back to bit them in the … rear. When you build nothing but the best cars in their respective segments, it’s hard to keep it up forever. Unexpected drawbacks are bound to show up at some point.
BMW F80 M3 Drifting 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
We remember when the E90 M3 was launched and how everyone hated the fact that BMW decided to drop the inline 6-cylinder philosophy and go with a V8. The rants that move caused, overflowed both on the internet and on the written media (that was still a thing back in 2007).
However, the M division managed to charm the customers with that brilliant S65 V8 engine that sounded beautiful, revved into oblivion and gave you a chill down your spine every time you drove it. Sure, the last M3 was a bit overweight and other issues showed up over time too, but what hid under the bonnet made up for it, big time.
The history seems to repeat itself here. Just as Steve says in the video below, the new M3 is a huge step up in almost every way. It handles beautifully, the ride is both comfortable and composed when you want it to be, the brakes are great and even the seats are an improvement.
However, his only complaint revolves around the engine that, despite having some great numbers to show off with, seems like it’s not that exciting as before. Is it because of the turbocharging? Is it because of the sound? It might very well be. But it might also be due to the high expectancies we all have from this car and our own prejudices that could influence what we think about it, even before we drive it.
Even so, for the $62,000 price tag the M3 has in the US, it’s really hard to find anything remotely close both in performance and feel. And, to be honest, some great aftermarket exhausts might also fix the problem with the sound, if it turns out to be that bad.
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