2015 Audi Q3 Rides Better than Mercedes GLA, Consumer Reports Says

We thought it would be a shame to write individual articles about what Consumer Reports has to say on the Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA, especially when we have our own review of the latter. What's more, most buyers will probably look at both these cars and the BMW X1 before paying what's likely to be a $35,000 bill.
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The Q3 and GLA have more in common with each other than with the X1 because they're both based on front-wheel drive platforms, unlike the BMW, which is a shrunken version of the old 3 Series.

Not wanting to go too much into the mechanical details, we'll just tell you that Haldex couplings on both cars mean that you're pretty much driving in FWD mode for 90% of the time, just like in a Honda CR-V or a RAV4.

Despite arriving in America as a 2015 model year, the Audi Q3 is actually a much older car. It shares its PS35 platform with the Beetle and the old 2013 Golf. Meanwhile, the GLA is brand new and shares its architecture with the CLA.

However, Consumer Reports suggests the Q3 rides better and actually delivers on its promise of being a smaller premium car. The interior is probably not as posh as the Mercedes model and the MMI is a little dated, but some people hate Daimler's new floating tablet as well.

The powertrain favors Mercedes, as its 2-liter turbo has slightly more power and is matched with a 7-speed gearbox as opposed to a 6-speed S tronic in the Audi. But really, both use smooth twin-clutch arrangements and less than 10 hp is hard to notice in the real world.

Have your pick between these two, but know that whichever one you decide to get, it's unlikely that you'll spend less than $40,000, since most actual premium features are optional.

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