2014 Toyota Venza Totaled from the Inside Out by Hungry Bear

We see these shows on TV with the harsh lives of mountain men, but deep down inside we know they don’t really have it that hard, right? They must have TV, maybe even Internet and hot water. And bears. Wait, what?
Totaled Toyota Venza interior 6 photos
Photo: Zachary Stoots on Flickr
Totalled interior of a 2014 Toyota VenzaTotalled interior of a 2014 Toyota VenzaTotalled interior of a 2014 Toyota VenzaTotalled interior of a 2014 Toyota VenzaTotalled interior of a 2014 Toyota Venza
Reddit user Glockshna (real name is probably Zachary Stoots if the Flickr account is to be trusted) is the kind of man who enjoys living in the woods. He’s got himself a nice log cabin in one of the highest elevated areas of Virginia and he’s not complaining about it one bit. After all, why would he? If it’s civilization he wants, all he has to do is climb into his 2014 Toyota Venza and drive a little until he reaches the closest town.

The thing is... his Toyota is gone. It’s still there, but it’s been completely totaled. But you wouldn’t say that by looking at it from a distance, since the Venza looks perfectly OK. Once you get closer, though, you start to notice something is not as it should be inside. It looks like it’s carrying a giant toy for cats. Replace “cats” with “bears” and you’ve got yourself a pretty accurate description.

The owner of the Venza admits to leaving some considerable amounts of candy inside (the wrapping of a Reese’s chocolate bar can be seen in some of the pictures, so he’s finding excuses for the attacker), and it seems that one of the furry residents of the forest found them interesting enough to climb aboard.

Our man also admits to leaving his cars open (he also owns an old Mitsubishi Endeavor), so getting in wasn’t that big of a deal for the soon-to-suffer-from-diabetes bear. But here comes the plot twist: the car was parked in the driveway, as cars are usually parked, only this driveway is sloped, so the door closed behind the unwanted passenger. After eating all the sweets, the bear must have really panicked and tried to make its way out the old fashioned way: with its claws.

Since all this was happening at night, it had all the time in the world to wreak havoc inside the poor Toyota, until Yogi eventually made it out somehow. What was left behind, however, was a car that was declared totaled on the basis that the two front seats alone would cost $10k to replace.

Our man is now shopping for a new car, so if you know one with extremely strong locks, don’t hesitate to recommend it.
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