2014 Toyota Corolla Imagined on Vossen Wheels

Brace yourselves, a really strange rendering is coming! We've looked at the 2014 Corolla from every possible angle – inside, outside… even underneath – but never have we seen it on Vossen concave wheels.
2014 Corolla on Vossen wheels 1 photo
It's a trivial matter, some might say, but one which would not let us rest until we found something cool to satisfy our custom Toyota needs for today.

A photoshoped 2014 Corolla on Vossen concave wheels? That will do nicely, especially if it's the CV5 design in the matte graphite look. Granted, the wheels probably cost more than all the other options put together, but it's well worth building to please the hardcore Toyota fans out there. Of course, it's only got a 1.8-liter engine, so these big wheels seem like overkill, but so is most of the other stuff in the industry.


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