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2014 Lincoln MKZ Ad Picks on Lexus ES: “Inflatable What?”

Ford’s plan to revive the Lincoln brand with the new MKZ four-door sedan has yet to take shape, but we can see the Blue Oval is trying really hard to put its luxury arm back on track. And they’re doing so by any means, including picking on the “poor” Lexus ES.
2014 Lincoln MKZ commercial 1 photo
Called “Introducing Luxury Uncovered”, the new commercial emphasizes on three features available on the Lincoln MKZ that the Lexus ES doesn’t offer, such as the huge retractable sunroof, the standard adaptive suspension or the inflatable rear seat belts.

The add shows a couple sitting on a couch and asking questions to a Lincoln and a Lexus, with the vehicles “answering” with text messages that appear over their roofs. The interview gets pretty funny as the Lexus “talks” about how shiny it is and eventually blows a fuse when "asked" about inflatable seat belts. Just scroll below to watch it.


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