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2014 ItalDesign Giugiaro Clipper Concept Tows a Ducati into Essen

Famed design house ItalDesign Giugiaro has been acquired by the Volkswagen Group back in 2010, when the automaker purchased a 90% share of the company. That means they are now taking a prolonged brake from making crazy concepts and are instead showing more down to earth creations.
2014 ItalDesign Giugiaro Clipper Concept Becomes Ducati Tower in Essen 13 photos
One of the most stand-out concept cars at the Essen Motor Show 2014 was the Clipper, first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March. It's called a clipper after the famous 19th century ships that sailed the high seas, packed to the brim with precious cargo.

Essentially, this is another cross between a minivan and a SUV, as the Giugiaro designers wanted to explore suburban utility vehicles and how they might look in the near future. And because Volkswagen Group also owns Ducati now, the bike makers put their own stamp on the concept by giving it a coat of red paint and a Panigale 1199 S superbike to tow. Because you know how much suburban dads like to go to the track on weekends…Technology of the present for the dad of the future
Underneath this glossy exterior lies very familiar technology. The Germans lent famous their MQB modular platform for this project, which has helped the Clipper keep its weight in check.

The vehicle is designed a bit like the Tesla Model S, in that its batteries are spread out into the vehicle's flat floor. If you're careful, with the throttle, the concept will not sail across the ocean, but it will do up to 540 km (335 miles) on a single charge.

The drivetrain is composed of two electric motors that each produce 149 HP (110 kW), one for each axle. Giugiaro says this gives independent control of each 20-inch wheel, which probably means brake assist is used. With a combined output of 298 HP (220 kW), the 1,800 kg (3,968 lb) MPV can reach a modest top speed of 204 km/h (126 mph).Design and proportions
There is undoubtedly something of the Tesla Model S in the design of the Clipper. It's positively packed with video screens, including a 11-inch touchscreen display which is mounted on an electronically adjustable center console.

Access to the 6-seater cabin is made via large doors. The front ones are like those on the BMW i8, while the rear ones go up like on the Mercedes SLS. Towards the back, we see a hint of Audi's current SUV design, with a large hatch that engulfs the taillights. It's nice, way nicer than any Touran or other MPV currently made by VW.


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