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2014 Honda CTX700T and CTX700N Recalled

ABS problems for several Honda CTX700T and CTX700N, as the manufacturer issued a recall.
2014 Honda CTX700T and CTX700N Recalled 1 photo
So far only 13 motorcycles have been reported as being affected by this problem, but it looks like some more will join the party, just like pretty much every time. Honda says that the ABS modulator may have been incorrectly manufactured and could fail, leading to an inactive anti-lock braking system which could cause a crash in certain cases.

Honda will contact the early birds who went for these newly-released machine and instruct them to head for the nearest dealer to have the ABS modulator replaced free of charge.

If you're one of the fellows who bought a 2014 Honda CTX700T or CTX700N, we suggest you pay a visit to the dealership and have your ABS checked, just to be on the safe side. The Canadian recall campaign has number 2013242, and we might see a similar recall int he US, too.


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