2014 BMW M6 autoevolution Test Drive

Well folks, it was about time that we got the chance to test the new M6 from BMW and that time has come, really close to 2014. The F13 arrived at our headquarters wearing the usual Sakhir Orange paint on it that instantly made us drool, dreaming of the 1M Coupe that introduced this color to the world.
2014 BMW M6 Coupe 10 photos
Photo: Original image by autoevolution
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It wasn’t too long before we got inside the car and were shocked once again. We should use this as a warning: be careful with the throttle the first time you drive the car. The revised 4.4-liter V8 S63Tu engine will make you gasp for air if you floor it and, combined with the rear-wheel-drive, you might end up in a tree on the side of the road. Our advice is to start out in Comfort mode and then go up to the Sport+ mode, as you get used to this big, near 2 tone car.

Everything inside screams GT and BMW seemingly wanted this to show, despite the car being marketed as a sports coupe. The seats are absolutely amazing, offering both comfort and side support in every situation, especially when going sideways. And sideways you’ll go plenty of times, trust us! It’s not that you’ll be reckless but the 680 Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque sent to the back axle will inevitable get you drifting.

So, the M6 is a Grand Tourer, outside the city you feel it the best, when the weight of the car works with the adaptive suspension and makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, when in Comfort mode, of course.

Inside the city, you’ll find it hard to move this 4.90 meter (192 inches) car through heavy traffic. The numerous blind spots don’t help out at all either. However, parking is a completely different story, as BMW’s surround view will help you out.

Going into berserk mode, the DCT 7-speed gearbox will work flawlessly, getting you to the 100 km/h (62 mph) speed in the promised 4.2 seconds, which is not bad at all, considering this model is the last of its competitors to still use RWD (AMG went 4Matic whilst Audi has quattro).

What will seem out of order will be the steering wheel that might be too thick for you if you’re not used to BMWs or if you have small hands. This one editor found it perfect. Of course, the same size can be found in the standard 6 Series models too, so that’s not an M6 problem but rather a BMW problem.

We won’t go into details about the looks. You have the photo gallery for that but we will talk to you about the interior and the materials used and how they make you feel ‘premium’.

The car we tested had full Merino leather that is the best you can get on an M6 if you don’t want to wait a couple extra months to get your car with Individual leather. The roof is made of CFRP and looks absolutely brilliant from outside (inside you won’t notice anything).

Now, what others criticized, I liked. I liked the fact that this Coupe can be very docile if you want it to. It can also be quiet at times, when you go through residential areas and don’t want to wake up everyone in a 1 mile radius.

Inside, it’s quiet, and for a car that reaches 305 km/h or 195 mph (we had the MDM package) it has to be as past some speeds wind noise might be a problem. That I also liked. However, some people might find it a sacrilege, thinking that BMWs have to be as loud as Formula 1 cars. Different strokes for different folks.

Bottom line, the M6 is a great GT car. Leave your prejudices behind, this car is not part of the supercar league and never wanted to be. It’s just an incredibly fast GT, and at that, few cars can match up.

For the complete test, check out our full, dedicated Test Drive.
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