2013 Range Extended BMW i3 Review by CAR

BMW i3 1 photo
Photo: CAR Magazine
As you probably already know, in the BMW i3 line-up you’ll find two models: the basic i3 that’s all electric and one that uses a so-called Range Extender. The latter will most likely be the most popular choice out there because it caters to the range anxiety people are experiencing.
The guys from CAR Magazine took one for a test to see just how big the differences are. They previously tested an all-electric i3 and very pretty impressed with it. This time around things changed.

Adding that feature to the i3 will not only make it pricier but it will also make it slower and less environmental friendly emitting 13 grams of CO2 per km because of the internal combustion 2-cylinder scooter engine that is recharging the batteries. Yes, you heard it right, the engine is actually working as a generator and is never propelling the wheels straight on.

On top of that, the 647cc unit does make some noise that takes away some of that pleasurable interior experience everyone praised about the i3.

Bottom line, it’s simply not worth it to give up so much just for 80 extra miles in range. The i3 is perfectly capable of covering more than 100 miles on a full battery, the way it was meant to, without adding 120 kg in extra weight due to the scooter engine. Do the right thing and go for the fully electric version.

Full test at CAR Magazine
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