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2013 Lexus ES “More is More” Commercial

We live in a world where everything gets a minimalistic concept, where sophistication can be expressed by a canvas with a small splat of paint and two teaspoons of mustard surrounded by ketchup you had for lunch.
Lexus ES More is More 1 photo
Even carmakers want to give you less stuff for a wad of cash to make you feel fashionable... “Hey, come buy a Smart. You can’t be cool in the city without it. Stop looking at it as if it’s a box on four wheels with plasticky interior. Just give us €13,000 and you can go at the mall in style”.

But Lexus refuses to go mainstream and they don’t stick to the “less is more” pandemic, still preferring the oldschool “more is more”, as you will find out from the latest ES model commercial bellow.


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