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2013 Honda PCX150 Scooter Does 102 mpg (2.3 l/ 100 km)

With petrol prices ever growing higher, more and more people are considering scooters fro their daily commuting needs across and around the city. Even more, there are bikers who would ride a scooter daily rather than navigate the urban jungle on their massive machines.
2013 Honda PCX150 3 photos
2013 Honda PCX1502013 Honda PCX150
Honda knows this and here's a new scooter for 2013: the PCX150. Not the smallest and definitely not the biggest, yet perfectly capable to do the job. The Honda PCX150 boasts a 153cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine and is highway-legal.

The 2013 Honda PCX150 comes with electric ignition and a V-Matic no-shifting transmission which is both fuel-efficient and easy to master. The US version isn't equipped with an Idle Stop feature, but the CBS braking is standard for all models.

The engine sports Honda's patented PGI-FI injection system and this makes the PCX150 extremely fuel-efficient, rendering it capable of doing no less than 102 mpg (2.3 L/ 100km), thus offering a very economical transportation solution.

The redesigned seat can easily accommodate a rider and a passenger, while the 25 liter under-seat storage compartment can fit a full-face helmet and still have some room for other small objects. The 2013 Honda PCX150 retails for a base price starting at $3,449 (€2,646).


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