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2013 EICMA: Is Husqvarna 701 Concept a Blinged KTM 690 SMC?

Husqvarna has unveiled their all-new 701 Concept machine at Milan, and it looks like a solid step Husky could make towards road-bikes in the future.
Husqvarna 701 Concep 3 photos
Husqvarna 701 ConceptHusqvarna 701 Concept
There's no information on whether Stefan Pierer changed his mind as far as Husqvarna is concerned and is now pondering going forward in the direction BMW opened for Husky during Bavarian ownership. Road bikes, that is, in the vein of the Nuda or Terra.

From where we stand, the Husqvarna 701 Concept is a tad too similar to KTM's 690 SMC, and even though the engine cases have been modified, alongside other elements, the orange DNA seems ever-present.

The Husqvarna 701 Concept is powered by a 690 single which should deliver 75 hp, reportedly with plenty of torque on tap. While such specs for a fairly light bike are in the dream-zone, the styling is even more daring, with large, generous covers around the subframe and integrating the exhaust.

This project may be a hint on what is cooking over at Husqvarna's, but until more data surfaces, we still believe it's some sort of a disguised KTM.


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