2013 BRD RedShift on Pre-Sale

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Photo: BRD
2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift2013 BRD RedShift
If you're planning to get your hands on an electric motorcycle this year but are also looking for a machine to pack the low profile and comfortable riding position of a commuter and the speed capabilities of a sporty bike, the BRD RedShift may be the right choice. Not the absolute best, not the absolute beauty, but by all means a fast ride.
The BRD RedShift is the electric version of a 250cc-class traditional thumper and will be available in 2013 in two versions: the MX and the SM, and seemingly covering everything in between. Whether you're a dirt racing fan or are in search of the spine-chilling speed in tight canyon turns, one of the RedShifts should fit your bill.

The supermoto version is expected to bring a 12,000 rpm limit granting it a top speed around 85 mph (more than 136 km/h), which is not only extremely cool, but also lays a solid foundation for future upgrades. The MX will be a bit slower, with a rear wheel torque-oriented gearing, but still on the fast side.

As for the range, the guys at BRD say we should expect around 50 miles (80 km), which is pretty much the standard, with a 4-hour charging time and charger not included in the price. No word on fast, high-capacity chargers as of now, but they'll surely pop up later on.

With $15,495 (€11,750) for the supermoto and $14,995 (€11,372) for the MX version, the 2013 BRD RedShift pre-sales have started, $100 (€75) deposit needed.
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