2013 BMW 320d Gran Tourismo Review by Autocar

BMW F34 3 Series GT 7 photos
Photo: Autocar
2013 BMW 320d GT2013 BMW 320d GT2013 BMW 320d GT2013 BMW 320d GT2013 BMW 320d GT2013 BMW 320d GT
The BMW F34 3 Series GT is the newest addition in the 3 Series family and it was created with only one purpose: to give you that extra room you might need, without losing comfort.
The guys from Autocar took the 320d model (which will most likely be the most popular model from the range) for a spin to see first hand how it feels. The first thing that hits you is the exterior design.

Yes, it is bigger than the Touring version but it looks a lot better than it's even bigger brother, the 5 Series GT. Creating such a big car is a challenge, especially for BMW designers, that still have to give it that dynamic, sportive look and maintain the driving characteristics of a proper Bimmer.

Considering all the prerequisites that have to be met, we think the car came out just fine. On the inside, the front half is similar to the 3 Series Sedan, nothing makes the GT stand out, as for the other half, things change.

The extra leg room in the back is extraordinary and so it the head room. You can fit 3 fully grown adults in there and still go for a long drive. The 60:40 folding back seats are also extremely useful as they increase the luggage room from the standard 520 liters to 1600.

Driving this car feels like a BMW for most of the time. The driver's seat is a bit high, resembling the X1 position, but the dynamics are still there. The M Sport adaptive dampers are a must and they will completely change the car. The 2-liter diesel engine with its 184 HP does pretty good considering the weight of the car and the 8-speed automatic gearbox is smooth.

Overall, this is a love it hate it car. If you really need the space and comfort you definitely should get it. If you're more into speeding and going into corners at 100 mph, maybe you should look at the Sedan version. Either way, the 3 Series GT is worth every penny for those who really need it.

Via: Autocar
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