2012 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid Safety Features Detailed

Volvo has taken the virtual wrap off the V60 Plug-in Hybrid earlier today, a new model that will reportedly offer the same safety as other cars from the Swedish automaker’s product line.Advanced automatic monitoring of battery status and encapsulating the battery and protecting it effectively in a collision is what helps the vehicle to offer a strong safety level.

Volvo's safety tests take place in several different stages: at component level, for whole systems and the complete car is safety-tested virtually in the computer, and physically in Volvo Cars' technically advanced crash-test centre.

All safety systems in the Volvo V60 will also be available in the plug-in hybrid version. However, this will add some further particularities:

1. Normal driving. An advanced monitoring system keeps watch and ensures that each cell maintains the correct voltage level and optimal operating temperature by regulating the cooling system. In the event of any deviation, the battery is automatically shut down as a preventive measure.

2. Conflict. The Volvo V60 braking system can handle the increased mass that results from the battery, and DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) help the driver face the changes in the car’s behavior.

3. Avoidance. If a frontal collision is imminent and the driver is acting too late to brake the car, the V60 Plug-in Hybrid can activate automatic systems such as Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and City Safety to help avoid or reduce the effects of an collision.

4. Colission. In order to reduce the effects of a collision, the battery package is well protected and separated from the car's crumple zones and the occupants' compartment. If the battery is damaged, resulting in gas leakage, there are special evacuation ducts that lead the gas out under the car. In the event of extreme heat, the occupants are shielded by the battery's encapsulation.

5. After the collision. The battery has a security cut-out that functions like a household earth fault circuit breaker. It shuts down and isolates the battery if the current travels in the wrong direction, for instance if two cables are pressed together as a result of an accident.

Finally, the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is equipped with a service cut-out to quickly and safely disconnect the vehicle's power supply.
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