2010 Lamborghini Reventon Super Replica Special Edition

It's a bit understandable if you haven't heard of Super Replicas, a somewhat bizarre side business of the automotive industry. The company doesn't build cars, it duplicates them. Thanks to a NAFTA agreement, the company is building kits to customize your car not in the purest tuning spirit, but in the nicest, cleanest Chinese knock-off style.

Let's make this easy. You have a car. Not expensive, but a plain old regular sedan (or wagon, or whatever), which doesn't stand out in anyway. Its simple design doesn't please you, doesn't please your girlfriend, your gang, your mother. To make matters worse, you've always dreamed of having a, we don't know, Lamborghini? Yes, let's go with the Lamborghini.

Given that your bank account never grew bigger than $20,000, Hell will freeze over before you get your hands on a real Lamborghini. China is too far away, your girlfriend screams she will dump you if you don't buy a car to please her clubbin' needs, your mother thinks you are a loser...

What to do? Go on-line. Google Super Replicas. Click on the first link. Eureka!

These guys offer body kits, built to match some of the most luxurious cars made on this Earth: Lamborghini, Maybach, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and so on. Prices are way lower than the ones you would have paid for a real one, as they range from $20,000 (the amount you have in your account) to $75,000 (an amount you will never have in your account).

You have a wide range of products to choose form. If you buy a kit, unfortunately (for you), you will still not own a Lamborghini, but a cheap copy. And guess what? You may fool your mother, but your girlfriend will know it's a fake.

We give you this, for example. The Lamborghini Reventon Super Replica. The guy went out of its mind to convince everybody he's driving a Lamborghini Reventon. He even spelled out Lamborghini on the windshield. We wonder... Is he wearing Adibas sports shoes? Or Mike? What does he have on his wrist? Roleecs?

Piece of advice. If you have $20,000, buy an Insight. At least the trees will love you.

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