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2009 Lifestyle Collection from Mercedes Benz

With the cold season already upon us and Christmas just a couple of weeks away, people are scrambling left and right to get something nice for that special someone or even for themselves. Mercedes has anticipated that and has just released a preview to their Lifestyle Collection 2009.

Clothing and original apparel made by the German car maker seem to fall in the season's trend, with colors that suggest a “fresh, contemporary look”. These include grey, silver, anthracite and twilight blue. All products are made from quality materials that are meant to endure but also to add a touch of chic.

Everything from leather gloves and handbags, to trench-coats and even ties screams classy. The collection also features elegant watches with Swarovski crystals, scarfs, tank tops, cardigans, ties, pens and handbags and is aimed both at men and women. However, there seems to be a predominance for male-oriented products, which is quite understandable.

No offense, but women are less likely to shop for clothes and accessories over at Mercedes Benz, seeing as how they are more fashion-conscious than their male counterparts. Men however, are more than happy to get a bonus tie and a shirt from their car producer. And if it happens to be trendy, all the better.

Also, knowing the Germans, the products are made form the best fabrics and materials and are guaranteed to show the same quality of manufacture as their cars. And to show off to friends and family, all products come emblazoned with the famous Mercedes logo, which make these things an ideal present opportunity.

The only thing Mercedes hasn't yet released is the price tag for any of these products, but since Mercedes is an executive brand, expect these things to have executive prices. No one said exclusivity and coolness come cheap.


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