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2009 Ford Mustang Barricade Replica Is Not Quite a Saleen, Still a Bad Cop

More than a decade has passed since the first Transformers movie came out, and most of us still aren’t sure how to feel about it (and the ones that followed). The franchise had (or still has) enough potential to leave a permanent mark on younger minds, but for a number of reasons it failed to do so.
2009 Ford Mustang Barricade Replica 3 photos
2009 Ford Mustang Barricade replica2009 Ford Mustang Barricade replica
One of the greatest things (the only one, perhaps) the movies have going for them are the cars used for the characters. Most of the meanest, coolest cars of the age got a part, starting with the Western Star of Optimus Prime to the Unimog of the Hound.

The most iconic car of the series remains, of course, Bumblebee’s Camaro. One that, in a very rare instance of something like this happening, got thrown into battle against its real-life enemy, the Ford Mustang, in the very first installment of the series.

Getting these two a part in the same movie should have been memorable. It wasn’t, and testimony to that is the very limited number of real life builds referencing the two vehicles.

The one you see in the gallery above is one of those tribute cars. Based on a 2009 Mustang, is not exactly the widebody kit-wearing Saleen version used in the flick, but still hopes to draw some cash during the Mecum auction in Dallas next week.

Described as a “replica of the original Barricade robot in the first Transformers movie, different from the original by the engine and rear fascia,” it shows up as a far simpler interpretation of the Decepticon, dressed in the same police livery that earned the character the bad cop moniker.

Packing “official” police lights up top and the phrase "To punish and enslave" on its side, the car was used a community engagement vehicle for Heroes, Cops and Kids, an organization fighting to give young people role models to look up to.

We are not being told how much it is expected to fetch – for reference, the Transformers Barricade Police Press Car was sold by Mecum earlier this year for $30,000.

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