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2000 Mazda MX-5 Featuring Android Auto Is Like a Dream Coming True

Bringing systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to older cars is quite a challenge, especially because it’s pretty hard to find an aftermarket head unit that perfectly supports each model.
Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB on 2000 Mazda MX-5 7 photos
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In the case of this 2000 Mazda MX-5, the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB seems to feel like home in the dashboard, with the 7-inch clear-type touchscreen fitting the original player slot like a glove.

This Pioneer head unit comes with the essential feature package to run both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as it features Bluetooth, a 13-band GEQ, and DAB/DAB+ digital radio support.

This isn’t a wireless unit, but a wired one, so you can only use AA and CarPlay with a cable. Obviously, it’s not such a big inconvenient, as a wireless head unit would obviously be more expensive.

The 2-Din SPH-DA230DAB lets you connect to a compatible iPhone or Android phone using a single USB cable, which will allow you to control Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Waze (Via Android Auto or AppRadio Mode +) from your dashboard in a convenient and safe way. It plays DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio, audio/video content from USB devices,” Pioneer says in the description of the head unit.

It also supports USB media playing, with the majority of audio and video formats supported, and can also work with reverse cameras, if they are installed on your car.

As for the price of this unit, the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB can be yours from Amazon for about 300 British pounds (about $385 for our American readers). At this price, it’s clearly one of the most affordable head units that brings Android Auto and CarPlay to an older car model, albeit the price could increase depending on the accessories you might want to add.

For example, the box only comes with a USB extension cable and an external Bluetooth mic, but if you want a DAB antenna, an auto EQ microphone, or a USB to Lightning cable (which allows you to connect the iPhone for Apple CarPlay), you need to pay extra.


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