2,000+ HP Ford GT Sprints to 255 MPH like It's a Walk in the Park

There's the kind of sprinting achievement that makes your jaw drop to the floor and then there's the kind of velocity feat that makes it look as if such an achievement is easy as pie.
2,000+ HP Ford GT 1 photo
Well, today we want to talk about the second type of high-speed stunt mentioned above, one that has been recently pulled by an insanely-quick Ford GT.

We're talking about a custom incarnation of the GT that has come far, far away from the factory stock form. This beast punishes its rear wheels with over 2,000 ponies.

The video below allows us to see this Blue Oval racecar stretching its mechanical legs all the way to 255 mph (that's 410.5 km/h for all you metric system fans).

The crew over at M2K Motorsport, who runs the octane behemoth, decided to strap a compact GPS to the roll cage, so we can all keep track of the vehicle's performance.

As we said in the title, this Ford GT makes that run seem like a walk in the park. For instance, the way in which the speed increases once the car goes past the 200 mph point has the potential to redefine your acceleration standards.

Those of you wondering why the rear tires weren't roaster in the process should know the credit goes to the Motec traction control and to the long gearing. Is this car still streetable, like many monsters that have proved such assets during Drag Week events? We're not quite sure of that and this mostly has to do with said gearing.

Nevertheless, that shouldn't be entirely surprising, given the fact that we are talking about the infamous Ford GT that managed to climb to 278 mph (448 km/h) back in 2013 at the Texas Mile competition. We've added a clip of the feat at the bottom of the page.

And the Gulf livery present on the car only makes things even more delicious for the audience.

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