2,000+ HP Chevrolet Camaro on the Dyno

For a while now, we’ve seen a lot of insane musclecars putting more than 1,000 HP on the dyno, ranging from Foxbody Mustangs to bare metal hot-rods. And we really start to thing that horsepower is never enough when it comes to dragsters, especially after seeing a Camaro pack more than 2,000 HP.
2,000+ HP Chevrolet Camaro on the dyno 1 photo
Owned by Tom Bailey and dubbed “Sick Seconds”, the 1969 Chevy Camaro you’re about to enjoy below is not just a drag strip smoking machine, but a perfect statement of what enthusiasts can do to an already cool musclecar.

Getting right to the point, the Camaro sports a 615 cubic inch big block engine, built using a Brodix block and 14.5-degree cylinder heads, and a Holley EFI system that takes the power up to an amazing amount of 2,108 horses. Are you finding it hard to believe? Just scroll below to have a look at that monster of a dragster for yourselves.

All told, we’re very anxious to find out how many seconds will the “Sick Seconds” need to complete the quarter-mile in this configuration.

Story via DragZine


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