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2,000-Horsepower Toyota Supra Runs 6-Second Quarter-Mile, Hits 209 MPH

The fourth-generation Toyota Supra was, at some point, one of the fastest production cars out there. Almost 20 years since it was discontinued, the A80 Supra is no match for modern supercars. However, the Supra continues to run incredibly fast at the drag strip, thanks to its highly customizable and reliable 2JZ engine. This 2,000-horsepower Supra is a six-second rocket.
Fourth-gen Toyota Supra dragster 1 photo
A TX2k 2JZ class winner in 2019 and a Drag Week contender in the past, this street-legal, white-painted Supra is back in the game with some impressive runs. Powered by a billet 2JZ, it hits the drag strip with hair-raising 2,000 horsepower at the wheels, which is enough to run the quarter-mile in less than seven seconds.

The video below shows Geo Castillo hitting 2TX2K21 in his streetable Supra searching for a new personal best. He runs a 6.91-second quarter-mile in qualifying and then lines up against Titan Motorsport's Supra, which we've seen in action earlier this month.

Castillo manages a 7.09-second sprint, but he's obviously too slow for the copper-painted Toyota, which crosses the line in an amazing 6.45 seconds.

Castillo eventually improved his ET throughout the event with a 6.84-second run at 206.73 mph (332.69 kph). Things gen even better later in the day with a quicker, 6.79-second sprint, this time around with a 209.1-mph (336.51-kph) trap speed.

Yes, it's not the quickest Supra out there, but you have to love it for the plain-looking body, devoid of massive scoops or a ridiculous rear wing.

As a refresher, the fourth-gen Toyota Supra was produced from 1993 to 2002. Toyota offered both naturally aspirated and twin-turbo versions of the 2JZ engine, but the mill wasn't restricted to the Supra only. Cars like the Crown, Altezza, and Soarer also hit the streets with their own variants of this legendary engine, as did the Lexus IS, GS, and SC.

Some 20 years later and the 2JZ remains a solid choice for drag racers, who crank up the engine to more than 1,500 horsepower. But modded 2JZs aren't restricted to race cars only. We often see turbocharged and even supercharged fourth-gen Supras smoking American muscle cars. Think twice before challenging a Supra because the 2JZ under the hood could generate anywhere between 400 to 1,000 horsepower on a fully street-legal car.

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