2 Portions of Tiramisu Can Put You over the Drink-Drive Limit, Study Shows

Certain foods can also land you a drunk-driving conviction, study highlights 6 photos
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If you’re having dinner out on the town or are simply grabbing a bite to eat before hopping in the car and driving off, consider every item that you put in your mouth. It’s not just booze that can land you a drunk-driving conviction.
Though this is common sense, company All Car Leasing is issuing a warning following a light study: always check the ingredients list for alcohol. If something has alcohol in it, don’t eat it because one too many mouthfuls could send you over the drink-driving limit.

For instance, it takes only 2 portions of the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu to send you over that limit and land you a drunk-driving conviction. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but at least 2 spoons of brandy, Amaretto or Tia Maria and sometimes all 3 go into the making of this delicious treat.

The alcohol content in 2 portions would definitely land you a conviction in Scotland and put you on the limit in the rest of the UK and other European countries, the Daily Record notes. Scotland introduced harsher drunk-driving laws in 2014 and lowered the level of alcohol in the blood required for a conviction.

While you’re at it, also be careful of cherry trifles, brandy candy and chocolate, and Christmas pudding before getting behind the wheel of your car. The pudding, for instance, contains an average of 150ml of brandy, sherry, whiskey or rum. However, you’d have to get real greedy with it and have at least 5 slices to get a conviction for DUI.

The list of off-limits foods include hot sauce, peppercorn sauce and chicken marsala. Surprisingly, orange juice is also on the list, as oranges ferment and produce alcohol. Drink 2 servings of OJ and you’re at risk of being put over the drunk-driving limit.

“We wanted to highlight the potential unknown risks around driving whilst under the influence due to certain foods and drinks,” Ronnie Lawson-Jones of All Car Leasing says. “You're unlikely to get through a bottle of hot sauce during one sitting, but two pints of orange juice? It's plausible.”

“Whilst a light-hearted study, we felt people may want to know that some foods could add to their alcohol intake more than first thought,” Lawson-Jones adds.

We have a BAC calculator that helps you estimate your blood alcohol concentration and how long it will take until you sober up and are fit to drive. Maybe it's time we considered updating it to include popular foods, as well.
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