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1998 Toyota Supra Turbo Is a Moneymaker, Adds $85,000 to Its Price Tag in Just 16 Months

Yes, this is a very good-looking 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo that just sold for $160,000, even though it has a lot of miles on the odometer. The price itself isn’t a record for this legendary vehicle, but it shows us that waiting for the right moment to sell your vehicle might be a rewarding strategy. Here’s the gist of it.
1998 Toyota Supra Turbo Finished in Jade Mica Green Metallic 13 photos
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Last year, in July, we were witnessing a very important milestone for this Japanese-made two-door sports car. Someone paid $201,000 for a 7,000-mile 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo finished in a very attractive Renaissance Red and with a manual gearbox. It was a clear sign that interest in this type of car was outgrowing everyone’s expectations or, dare I say it, even hopes for a good profit.

This year, in March, we also got to see another important auction for a similar model. A no-reserve 52,000-mile 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo got away for $156,555 as it was a 15th-anniversary edition model.

Now, everyone receives further confirmation this type of vehicle is not something you should gamble away by modifying or not taking proper care of. The same auctioning website that showed us the abovementioned two Toyotas going for impressive prices is now once again proving the Supra Turbo remains a very hot item.

The 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo in question was sold last year for $75,000, but now it fetched $160,000! After just 16 months since that transaction happened, the car finished in an impressive Jade Mica Green Metallic, with gold accents, and a tan interior brought a profit of $85,000. Mind you, this sum might not be what the seller fully received, since they bought it from the winner of the BaT auction from last year outside of the site’s grasp, and put it back on the platform a little over a week ago.

This JZA80 Supra might be automatic with only four gears, but it will hold its value pretty well. If the world doesn’t succumb to some kind of financial crisis until next year, it might just go away again for over $200,000.

The fun part is how people reacted. Nobody expected the auction to go very well, since this color combination wasn’t very popular in 1998. The automatic gearbox is also not something enthusiasts are looking forward to. Some even got to a point where they said “it’s just money, you can always print more,” while others were suspicious because the last two bidders competing against each other for this special Toyota weren’t known by anyone in the online auctioning community.

If someone tells you the used car market is finding itself in a pickle now, disregard that opinion entirely and at once. It’s not happening yet. That’s just one of the conclusions we can draw from what we’ve been witnessing lately. Another one is the fact that passionate people and collectors are willing to pay top dollar for the vehicle of their choosing and nothing will stop them from splurging.

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