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1985 Volkswagen Golf GTi MK II ' Supercar Killer' Is the Perfect Example of a Time Capsule

Mint-looking classic cars are rare. The only place they thrive is classic car shows. But once in a while, you'll bump into a neatly restored/preserved vehicle that'll take you back in time. They call them time-capsules. Well, Hoonigan featured a decent-looking 1985 Volkswagen Golf GTi MK II on their special series, Employee Parking.
1985 Volkswagen MK II GTi 10 photos
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It's hypocritical to rate other people's cars and not include your own. Hoonigan is a household name for tuning, drag races, and insane stunts on four wheels. A chunk of their content is based on critiquing, racing, and reviewing other drivers' cars. Therefore, it was only fair if they included their own.

They recently revived their Hoonigan Bonus YouTube channel, and part of their special series is Employee Parking.

Like their Build breakdown series, they showcase daily drivers on their employee parking space and give the owners a chance to explain what they own.

In a recent episode, they showcased an iconic retro-hatchback owned by Jason Whipple from Rotiform (he's technically not a Hoonigan employee). It was a 1985 Volkswagen Golf GTi MK II  a.k.a 'Supercar Killer'.

The 1985 Volkswagen GTi MK II was nicknamed 'Supercar Killer' by magazines when it first came out, not because of its ability to knock off Lambos on the track, but due to its simple, yet mechanically advanced setup.

Apart from being a favorite tunning vehicle today, the MK II Golf was an evolution of the VW's compact hatchback. It came with a better chassis, bigger body, and broader engine choice. The second-generation Golf GTi won the hearts of customers, running for nine years with over six million unit sales.

"Every magazine says this thing is the supercar killer. Not that it was faster, but for the price and what you could do on track, it was actually a really, really good car. That's why I own four of them," Scotto of Hoonigan said.

Whipple is the third owner of this neatly preserved classic. He bought it from a guy in Detroit who had bought it from the first owner in Montreal. Like its previous owners, he's planning on keeping it stock for future generations.

We recommend watching the video below to catch a glimpse of how this retro-hatchback has survived more than three decades looking as mint as when it first rolled off the production line in 1985.

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