1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find Headed for the Crusher Is Proof ICEs Still Have a Future

The 70’s Chevrolet Nova wasn’t quite the front liner when it came to popular Chevrolet vehicles. Still, it sold pretty well considering it was an economy car, with the early 70s 2-door and 4-door sedans recording impressive sales. A classic car prospector recently stumbled upon a 1978 Chevrolet Nova in a junkyard. 
1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find 9 photos
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/NoNonsenseKnowHow
1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find1978 Chevrolet Nova Junkyard Find
Today marks a turnaround in V8 releases in America. It could be the last. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of ICEs everywhere. Barn finds like these are a beacon of hope for car lovers who appreciate the hum of a combustion engine.

Like horses, finds like these mean our beloved ICEs won’t go away but find a niche full of like-minded enthusiasts where they’ll thrive.

Chris of Nononsenseknowhow YouTube channel recently stumbled upon a no-title (at the moment) 1978 Chevy Nova in a junkyard headed for the shredder. He’s looking to get it running and probably sell it.

The original Chevy Nova was a stripped-down compact car ideal for transportation. However, once it tasted the small block and big block power, it morphed into a rod-hungry monster.

The body on Chris’ find was in reasonably good shape with minimal rust considering it’s a 44-year-old car. It was probably parked due to a fender bender since there was visible front damage on the vehicle.

The interior was surprisingly neat apart from the seats that’ll need reupholstery. It had clean gauges, a 30-watt classic radio, operational climate controls, a decent headliner, and an original Chevy Nova owner’s manual.

Original two-barrel. Looks like a 305, definitely a small block chevy, more than likely a 305. I did already grab this fan and give it a little wiggle back and forth. I see the crank moving. That’s a good sign,” Chris said.

The 1978 Chevy Nova junkyard find was perhaps one of the easiest revival projects Chris has done in a while. After hooking up a new battery and tapping onto the starter, it immediately roared to life.

Chris wasn’t sure how long the car had been sitting in the junkyard, but judging how easy it was to get it running – it hadn’t been sitting for too long.

PS: If you’d like to catch a glimpse of its first drive, we recommend watching the video below.

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