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1976 Lincoln Hearse Used for Funeral of Kim Jong-Il

Reminiscent of the communist parades seen across Europe some three decades ago, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was taken to his resting place by a column of soldiers, also headed by a bunch of military 4x4s.
We can’t say that the funeral was fully staged, because in any communist country, the ruler always enjoys an almost cult status among many of his followers, despite his wrongdoings. Numerous mourners came to pay their respects at the plaza from the Grand People's Study to the Taedong River for the second day of funeral ceremonies for the late... leader of the country.

Thanks to Associated Press, we can show you that although he has many national ideals, the former Korean leader also had an obsession with the west. He reportedly had tens of thousand of American movies in his private collection and loved Mercedes’ cars.

However, for the funeral he was placed on top of a 1976 Lincoln Hears, something you’d rather associated with the American presidents. However, this is a bit of a family tradition, as his father, Kim Il-Sung was also placed on top of a Lincoln in 1994.


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