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1973 Chevrolet Caprice With 1,200 WHP Is One Stylish Drag Donk

At around 5.6 meters (216.5 inches) long, the second-generation Caprice was the biggest Chevrolet out there in the early 1970s. Its sleek and somewhat boxy appearance makes it the perfect candidate for a donk build, but not so much for a drag racer. Carolina Cantaloupe is an exception from this rule. Fitted with big rims wrapped in extremely wide tires, this stylish build rips at the drag strip thanks to a procharged LS that cranks out more than 1,200 horsepower at the wheels.
1973 Chevrolet Caprice donk dragster 1 photo
Arguably the most tasteful build you'll see at the drag strip, this Caprice is a "hybrid" contraption that marries classic 1970s design with a hi-riser stance and the big power of a beefed-up LS V8.

But thanks to its classy color combo combining cream bodywork (with a brown accent stripe) and an orange soft-top, it looks more like a restomod than a donk.

Speaking of which, this big boy rides on a set of custom Rucci wheels with spokes shaped like rooster's feet, spurs included. Hoonigan featured this car in 2020 and from that video we learned that the wheel design was chosen simply because the owner used to raise chickens and roosters in the countryside. And also because he's a fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks football team.

The body is also a bit different from your regular 1973 Caprice. While the front end is an authentic 1973 model, the rear comes from a 1974 version of the same car. They aren't all that different, but the combination makes this Caprice unique. And apparently, they're calling it a 1973.5.

There's not much info on the engine, but we do know it's a big-block LS. It gets nitrous shots from a big bottle mounted where the rear seats should be. The last time we checked, the V8 sent more than 1,200 horsepower to the rear wheels.

The interior retains most of the original layout, but the rear seats are gone while the front seats have been modified. It also features a roll-cage (safety first, right?) and a custom center console with cup holders. Like a proper donk, the steering wheel is a carbon copy of the wheels, also built by Rucci.

The footage below shows the Caprice hitting the drag strip with a pair of parachutes attached to its trunk lid. A solid hint that this full-size two-door is faster than it looks. Sadly, the video doesn't include a high-speed run, as the driver decides to make a cruising sprint after the car in the other lane hits the red light.

But performance aside, this Caprice is the most elegant donk racer out there. This big rig belongs at car shows based on the way it looks, and the fact that it can also do burnouts and run quick quarter- and 1/8-mile sprints makes it that much more intriguing.

Check it out below and also have a long at last year's Hoonigan feature (second video) to find more about it.

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