1972 Honda 600 Looks Like an Intriguing Go-Kart Emerging from a Barn, 15 Years in Storage

With gas prices skyrocketing in the latest few months and reaching records that we didn’t believe were possible, many people out there are already thinking of ways to reduce the fuel consumption and therefore spend less on gas.
1972 Honda 600 12 photos
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And what better way to do this than going for a smaller and more efficient engine?

Here’s something that may sound ridiculous at first, but which could grow on you the more time you spend exploring it.

This 1972 Honda 600 was discovered in a barn where it’s been sitting for the last 15 years, and obviously, it doesn’t come in the best possible condition. It’s a barn find, after all, and these things typically require some attention, including metal work and possibly other mechanical fixes.

But based on the photos provided by eBay seller fadihejjo, the car is far from a complete wreck. And if anything, it still looks incredibly fun to drive, especially given its super-small size.

In case you’re wondering what this barn find has to do with fuel efficiency, well, this Honda 600 was equipped with a 0.6-liter (that’s only 36ci for our American friends) capable of developing 36 horsepower. It’s not the fastest ride, that’s for sure, but again, it looks like a go-kart that can easily increase the sense of speed given its dimensions.

Honda sold only a little over 40,500 units in the U.S. between 1970 and 1972, so it goes without saying not a lot of them are still around these days.

Best of all, this Honda 600 is likely to sell for pocket money, literally. Posted on eBay without a reserve, which means the highest bidder can take the car home, this Honda accepts bids from no less than $1. The auction will end in a little over 6 days, so it’ll be interesting to see how high the price ends up going.

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