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1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Parked for 40 Years Outside Looks Like It Lost Hope

1971 witnessed the debut of the third-generation Plymouth Satellite, and just as expected, all cars came with various styling improvements also available on other Chrysler C-body models (aside from the 2-door coupe that continued to be slightly different).
1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring 7 photos
1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring
The new generation was available in four different body styles, namely 2-door coupe and hardtop, as well as a 4-door sedan and station wagon.

The Satellite Sebring that someone has recently posted on Craigslist is a coupe that, at one point, was this close to returning to the road but which eventually ended up abandoned for the second time to turn into a rust bucket.

More specifically, the owner explains on Craigslist that both the engine and the transmission were rebuilt, but the car still ended up on the side of the road. Literally, that is, as this Plymouth spent no more, no less than 40 years under the clear sky.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what this means, as so many decades in the weather obviously causes massive rust problems. Right now, this Satellite is pretty much just a big pile of useless metal, as the rust has invaded way too many parts, making them rather impossible to save.

This is the reason the Satellite is sold as a parts car, with the owner themselves admitting they believe that a full restoration is pretty much impossible. Without a doubt, this isn’t very far from the truth, at least based on the photos shared on Craigslist.

Due to the many years of sitting, the engine is likely locked as well too, so it’s hard to believe the V8 and the transmission are of any good right now.

There’s no price for this wrecked Plymouth, as the seller says they’re ready to accept a reasonable offer, so if you’re in the market for a very challenging project, this could be it.

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